Specialized guide to main geológical prospects in exploration. Optional support with field equipment, geologist, topographist, satelite light truck, maps and planes asi like field tools: from Picota to GPS that it includes telephone satelital.

We have geologos professionals in each región of country who know the andes in their geológico aspect, geographic and ecology but too they know the culture mainly local and by to be natives identified and being recognized in the local communities of the mountain andean.

Support to anyone of the 58 natural areas of Peru protected officially and recognized world-wide. (16 582 168 You have, 49.580.269 acres). Our service additionally includes guide to the numerous deprived areas of Native and Andean Communities that surprise with their capacity and will to conserve and to develop to the biodiversity and natural resources. Example: Raising of Vicunas, the famous Farm of Alpacas but of the world to 4.300 msnm.

Pesca, Caza, Paisajes, observación de aves, conocimiento de habilidades tradicionales
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